Everyday life as a mum can be very hectic and without a break. You are (jointly) responsible for so many things, the well-being of the children, who have emotional needs but also have demands for entertainment, the household, even if you have help, there is a lot that needs to be cleaned up or taken care of, social events , birthdays, weddings, or just a visit, and and and. The list sometimes seems endless.

Over time this can be very draining and it is important to have a support system. Someone who relieves some of the mental load, someone who takes over a day of housekeeping for the children or time for a cozy bath alone with a good book and nice music.

Our mother nature has been doing exactly that for ages and is therefore dependent on our help in the support system.

Therefore, it is my constant endeavor to use your resources sparingly and to pay attention to your needs and thus to contribute my part to your relief.

As mums, it is particularly important to us that our world will continue to be beautiful and worth living in in the future, let us find better alternatives together for a future that can give our children and all future generations a basis.

Our previous contributions to Mother Nature's support system:



Everything that doesn't get corners and dents during shipping is sent in our compostable shipping bags. They are made from cornstarch and can decompose within 45 days in an ideal composting environment.

The exception to this are the adhesive strips, as there is currently no adhesive strip that is compostable. So please separate this before you put the mailer in the compost.

They are certified for industrial composting (EN/DIN 13432, AS 4736, US ASTM D6400) and composting on home compost (AS 5810).

grass paper

Your ordered products will be wrapped in grass paper. On the one hand we like the soft feel of the paper and that it helps absorb shock, on the other hand I think it's great that it's partly made of grass and is therefore a much faster renewable raw material than wood. In this way we save up to 75% of CO2 emissions compared to wood pulp.

The fact that it looks like a package under the Scandinavian Christmas tree is "the cherry on top".


For our own products, we completely dispense with plastic packaging for individual products. For shipping from the producer to us, plastic packaging is required around the entire delivery for insurance reasons.

Any plastic from other manufacturers that is not necessary for hygiene reasons (e.g. for pacifiers) is removed by us before shipping, collected separately and disposed of, so you no longer have to worry about it. We think it's much nicer to be able to touch the products right away anyway.


For the new year we have given it a lot of thought and have decided to do the following:

  • Production in Europe for Littlies + mums products (at least all dresses)
  • Refine the selection of brands in the shop and only integrate new brands with a similar sustainability concept

Do you have any ideas on how we can further increase our sustainability? Get in touch here , we'd love to hear your ideas!