Welcome to Littlies + mums - it's so nice having you here!

Littlies + mums was founded by Debra to share her great passion for neutral colors and beautiful textures during the time with your baby and toddler.

The first time, right after birth, when baby is suddenly no longer part of mum, is a very special one. Wonderful, new, exciting, sometimes overwhelming - but we think it is just magical!
But because time goes by so quickly, we long for things that remind us of this wonderful time again and again, that we like to keep for a long time because they are so beautiful and that we can use again and again. A time when not only the baby is growing and learning new things, but also we - the mums - are reborn.

The switch from one to two doesn't have to happen all of a sudden, and a lot of cuddling and getting to know eah oher fill your day, which is why we rely on calm and gentle colours, soft and skin-friendly materials and relaxing scents.

Come dream with us and create wonderful memories!