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Cuddle cloth cuddly koala

Cuddle cloth cuddly koala

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Our Kuschel Koala, a cuddly comforter made from 100% organic cotton, is the perfect companion for your baby. As a familiar and loved everyday object, it gives him security even in unfamiliar surroundings. We especially like the daily cuddles with him.

product properties

  • It gives the baby comfort and security when tears flow and is a great sleeping aid
  • Almost all children between the ages of one and six have a very specific favorite object - and for many it is the comforter.
  • A comforter for the baby is psychologically also referred to as a transitional object:it represents a connection between the inner and outer world of the child.


  • Mass cloth:30 x 30cm
  • Dimensions head:10 x 10cm
  • 100% organic cotton, filling 100% polyester
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