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Photo Milestone - Set

Photo Milestone - Set

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Capture the first year of your baby's life forever. With these beautiful boho-style wooden discs for each month and the most important dates in pregnancy you have a common thread through all the photos.

product properties

  • Photo accessory for the first year
  • Set of 9 discs printed on both sides
    • with sun:
      • 1 month/2 months
      • 3 months/4 months
      • 5 months/6 months
      • 7 months/8 months
      • 9 months/10 months
      • 11 months/1 year
      • hello world/finally you are here
    • with heart:
      • we are pregnant/hello little miracle
      • it's a boy!/it's a girl!
  • Pro tip:You can also use the monthly discs during pregnancy and then compare them if you are allowed to hold your baby in your arms for the same length of time #9monthsin9monthsoutside


  • Diameter 10cm
  • Thickness 3mm
  • Birch wood
  • As wood is a living natural product, color shades can occur
    and grain differ from those of the samples

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